Frequently Asked Questions
Engagement Sitting
Engagement sittings are available any time prior to the wedding. Please call for an

Can we charge our order?
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Other methods of payment include
check and Paypal.

About CD’s & digital storage
One of the major advantages of digital over film is the ability to store multiple copies
of your image files, both on computer hard drives and on CD's. We archive your files
to both.

Can we order more pictures than are in the album configuration?
(This applies if you are ordering a traditional album.)
You can always add more pictures to the album configuration you have selected
using the individual print prices, or change the configuration to suit your needs for
no additional charge (e.g. add more 4x5's in place of an 8x10)

Can we view our photos online?
Yes. We upload your photos after the wedding and can email your family and friends
with the link and password when your site is ready to view.

Minor retouching involving skin blemishes is included in your print price. Please ask for
a quote on retouching involving clothing, hair, eyeglasses, or teeth.

What about split formals?
While we recommend photographing any formal group including the bride and
groom before the ceremony, we will work with you if the bride prefers not to see
the groom beforehand.

Pictures at location other than wedding or reception sites.
Options for photography at additional location is included in most of our bridal
collections. Please refer to the price list.

Can I get additional time once I have booked my event?
While I can't guarantee additional time will be available once you book your package,
usually I'm available. We will bill the additional time in quarter hour increments.

Is my booking fee refundable?
Payments, including the booking fee, are non-refundable unless I am able to book
another wedding on your date. The booking fee is not an additional fee. Rather, it is
the first of three payments that is applied toward your package.

What if I want B&W photos?
Digital photography has made conversion of color photos to black and white very
simple. Let us know which prints you would like in black and white.

What if we want specially designed pages?
(This applies to traditional albums; coffee table books include this service)
We usually include several special effect photos in your collection (composites,
dropped backgrounds, etc.). Additional design work can be done by request for
$30/hr plus the print charge.

What do you wear to a wedding?
I usually wear a black shirt, black slacks and black shoes. If I need to wear a tie, or
dress more formally, please let me know.

Delivery times
Please allow 4 to 5 weeks to complete your album order. Orders for prints only that
are placed online are usually shipped within 2 weeks.

Shipping Charges
Shipping charges are based on the size of your order and are added upon check-out.
Simply follow the check-out process and the appropriate shipping will be added to
the order. If you wish to pick up your order, you can opt out of the shipping
Telling your memory at a time.